Shane on being asked about his food weakness


"Because of Halloween ending not too long ago, my weakness around there are breakfast cereals such as  Boo Berry, Franken Berry and Count Chocula. And I’m still frustrated to this day that they are not sold all the time and only sold during Halloween. Obviously someone made the decision — well, they’re terrible for you, so it’s a good thing they’re not. But it’s fun to have during Halloween. I’m looking at them right now. Those three boxes that were sent to me from my roommate in LA they’re currently in my kitchen in Toronto sitting next to egg white protein, Emergen C and Clif bodybuilder bars  … and Boo Berry and Franken Berry.”

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Ray Barnett11x13 - Middlemen


The customary jaw appreciation post.

Shane West Nikita season two promotional shoot


Exciting news Shane fans – Shane will be attending the London Expo Comic Con this October to promote Salem!  Check out the press release below:

We’re thrilled to announce that Shane West, currently starring in witch trial drama Salem, is to be a special guest at London Comic Con. West plays pragmatic war veteran John Alden in the hit supernatural series, Adam Simon and Brannon Braga’s fictional take on the infamous Salem witch trials that took place in 17th century Massachusetts.

The onetime love interest of female lead Mary Sibley (Janet Montgomery), the battle-hardened Captain Alden returns to Salem to find his hometown consumed in a frenzied witch hunt, its inhabitants gripped by fear and paranoia. At the centre of the scare is the ambitious Mary, Alden’s former lover and secret member of Salem’s coven of witches.

Prior to his role in Salem, Shane West starred in 73 episodes of popular US spy drama Nikita, playing male lead Michael opposite Maggie Q. West also appeared in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and was a regular cast member in long-running medical drama ER.

WGN America’s first original-scripted drama, Salem returns for a second season in 2015.



John Alden is a very brave and courageous man. He’s very strong willed, very stubborn… 


Eyebrows and all …


TV Guide Magazine: I stumbled across an old Cosmo article where you admitted that your high school nickname was “Hopeless Romantic.” Care to discuss?
 I was very hopeless. I couldn’t even speak. My first girlfriend [Rachael Leigh Cook] was after high school. I believe I was 19.

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