Shane West moderating “Behind the Music: Crime, Death and Resurrection.” panel at SDCC; 24/7/14

Shane leaving Hard Rock Hotel at San Diego Comic Con; 24/07/2014




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“I’m always hoping to get on the floor and check out all the booths and the fans decked out in intricate costumes, but I usually never get the chance. Press and interviews take precedent and I end up roaming around aimlessly with a giant cup of coffee. I tell the newbies and the vets that they should DEFINITELY come check out the Salem panel on Saturday! Otherwise, Petco Park is a must. Also, number one survival tip (besides hydrating) is to find a restaurant off the beaten path that isn’t jam packed with customers. And when you do find that restaurant, don’t tell a soul. Keep that secret locked away for future use!” See West and the show’s other stars in a moderated “Salem” discussion from 5:45 p.m. to 6:45 p.m. on Saturday, July 26 in room 6DE —12 Comic-Con Stars and Showrunners Share Insider Tips; Pick Convention Must-Dos and Don’t Misses (via shaneewestonline)
SD Comic-Con 2014 Coverage Reminder


Don’t forget that Salem cast members and producers will be attending Comic-Con this Saturday. Here on Fucked Up Salem we will be posting photos from the panel and events.

If you are attending, feel free to submit reports, photos and anything else you may wish to our submit box. Our worker crones will fly it over to us.

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All things return, like every salty tear returns to the sea. #Salem


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'lucky men go to their grave with no regrets. barely a day passes when I don't have one.'